Naked Til Night


78 Minutes
35MM / HD
(Inspired by Rumi’s poems)

Richard Guppy
Jeremy  Larter
Ed Casagrande
Anthony  Pace
Antonella Sigismondi
Andrew Weston

Original Music:
Pouya Hamidi

Director of Photography:
Ali Reggab

Sound Recordist:
Emiliano Paternostro

Camera Operator:
Adam Crosby

Production Manager:
Elena Nanes

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer:
Shahin Karbalaeetaher



In one word this film is about self-realization.
In two words, it’s about self-realization through friendship.
In one sentence, it’s about the importance of our inner-feelings in our everyday life.
In one paragraph, it’s about the importance of our inner-feelings in our everyday life when things are against us, and when there is a pressure of any kind or problematic situation, crises, or dilemma.

In other words, this film is about that moment that every human being, in any corner of this world, in any language, uses the very famous expression: “I’m in deep shit”. This film is not trying to give any solution nor solve any problem. This film simply wants to demonstrate a very simple fact and that is,” knowing who you are”.

The problematic situation for Sam (the lead character) is that he must save his buddy’s life. His buddy, Jess (supporting character) and he have mistakenly fallen into a trap. Sam, does not have time to waste since he is given a few hours (till night) to do something if he wants to see his buddy alive. The People who Sam is dealing with are quite serious and they mean what they say.
While Sam is struggling with this big challenge, his mind flies over pictures and memories from his childhood till now. He realizes that he has taken a journey through his past and future. Through this journey, he finds himself and goes back to his buddy. However, now he is a different person…

This film is about a kind of journey in which Rumi (Persian poet & philosopher) invites everyone to take. According to Rumi, taking this journey has only one condition, one should be able to peel himself off and go naked.

For Sam, it takes till night to be naked.

“Come to this street with
only your sweet fragrance.

Don’t walk into this river
Wearing a robe!

Paths go from here to there,
but don’t arrive from somewhere!
It’s time now to live naked”.